How We Do It


Step 1: Felt

We primarily use 100x beaver fur felt sourced from the last remaining beaver felt manufacturers in the world

Step 2: Steam

Felt bodies are saturated
with highly pressurized steam using refurbished vintage steam boilers

This process loosens the barbed fur fibers and makes the hat body malleable to be blocked

Step 3: Block

Each felt body is firmly pulled down over an open crown wooden block and set aside to dry to establish the initial shape of the hat and define the brim break

Step 4: Trim

Once dried, the brim is trimmed to size by firmly cutting the edge of the blocked felt body with a vintage rounding jack

Step 5: Pounce

Each hat is meticulously pounced over and over multiple times with finer grit sandpaper at each stage to create a smooth and luxurious finish

Step 6: Sweatbands

Each sweatband is cut to size and sewn into every hat using a vintage Singer 107-1 sewing machine over 100 years old and specifically manufactured for that purpose

Step 7: Style

Once pounced and shaped, each hat is styled using different techniques to treat the felt to varying degrees as well as apply certain style combinations

Step 8: Cut and Sew

We cut and stitch all bands and fabrics directly to each hat and without using any glue or adhesives that may degrade the quality or longevity of the felt

Step 9: Shape

We handshape each crown of every hat rather than using pre-defined shaped hat blocks or hat presses to maintain the authenticity and genuine nature of each piece

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